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The Internationalization of Fashion Education

I am the founder of Telestia Malaysia, and my journey began in 2010 when I discovered a unique way of learning garment making using technology. The technology is called ‘Telestia AB trainer and creator learning system using sophisticated tools and multimedia software that teaches you to develop your own garment from A-Z, i.e. design to sewing.

After purchasing my first pattern making programme and completed the lessons online, I decided to contact the owner – Ms. Anastasia Vouyouka in Greece. I was enthusiastic to explore the novelty opportunity to introduce the system to academic and non-academic colleges. Thus, I enrolled with Telestia Art And Applied Fashion School, Greece and successfully completed the online Diploma and Professional Degree in Apparel Product Development programs.

I completed my training when I was an expatriate living in Jakarta, Naturally, I took the prospect of introducing such program to Imelda Fashion Academy in Jakarta , Indonesia. Several years after that, I moved to Saudi and pursued the same initiative with Raffles Design College and college in UAE.

In 2015, I was awarded as the Telestia Regional Educational Consultant by Anastasia Vouyouka and started to expose the Telestia-AB system in Malaysia. Finally, in 2017, I launched the first Telestia Malaysia, Centre of Clothing Technology and Fashion with Institute of Business Excellence (IBE), UITM.

After few years of exciting journey with IBE, Telestia Malaysia moved to its own business. I am now leading Clotech Atelier Academy (2018) which was also awarded as the Technical Expert Panel for Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT) to develop and offer more continuous professional programs (CPD).

Telestia Malaysia has been promoting Professional TVET programmes; Telestia blended learning since 2016, and NOW we are very excited to offer Telestia E-learning Programs using sophisticated tools and technology using both manual and CAD methodology.

Datin Ts. Dr. Norsaadah Zakaria


The Academy is founded with a vision to be Malaysia’s first reference centre for clothing and fashion technology at professional level, while leading the way for a quality skilled TVET education. Our passion is to provide excellent educational experience to fashion and clothing enthusiasts/practitioners – combining art, science and business elements to prepare them to become top fashion specialists and technologists. Ultimately becoming the entrepreneurs and retailers to lead the fashion business in the nation.


The Academy has a mission to train human potential for the apparel industry and become apparel technologist. We are here to help technologist innovate more advanced products to be marketed locally and international.

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Awarded as the Technical Expert Panel for Malaysian Board of Technologist which is a Malaysian Professional Body.At the same time, the academy is also a strategic partner with Institute of Business Excellence, UiTM